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Gamma Dog releases single ‘Designer Love’.

Matt Blackwell (Lead vocalist and guitarist) and  Trey McKinley (bassist) met in Highschool back in 2004 because of their similar interests in music. When in college, in 2009 they decided to make music themselves. They released an EP in 2011 under the name of ‘Empire Machines’, that was positively received all over the world. Struggling to find band members that fit well and stuck with the band for years, they finally found two perfect bandmates Kevin Garcia (lead guitar and back up vocals) then this twin brother Kyle Garcia (keyboards). Working on the sound they wanted to create, they then found a much-needed drummer called Shawn Gallivan. 

Recently they have released a new single called ‘Designer Love’. This song takes a look at toxic relationships that have each member has become dependant on each other and unable to break free. The vocal style expresses this, by whirring on in a psychedelic way, displaying the repetitiveness of a relationship that can’t be broken free of. Cleverly done! The vocal sound of ‘Designer Love’ itself draws on the natural talent of Matt. The music also has the psychedelic complexion that adds to the depth of the song. Check it out here. 


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