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No Time For A Reason releases new single ‘Novacaine’.

No Time For Reason has just dropped a new single called ‘Novocaine’.  This song is one hell of a solid release. With David Stocker on vocals and supported by Charlie Philp (lead guitar) and Henry Poxon (bass) the song has a really catchy chorus punctuated and supported by the music. David’s vocals are interesting and unique and really made this song stand out from the crowd of submissions. As we know Novocaine is a numbing drug that dentists use and David explains that “Novocaine is a drug that doctors use to numb certain parts of the body and it’s used as a metaphor within the song – suggesting that I might be numb to love or the right relationship.” So this song has all the aspects I love about a song. Check out “Novocaine” here. 

Find No Time For Reason at

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