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The Thing With Feathers releases new single called ‘What You Want’.

Photo Credit: Hannah Deits 
The Thing With Feathers have a really unique sound, and they achieved this by blending parts of Rock, Dance and Pop. This different sound includes the magnificent vocals, seriously one of the best vocal sounds I have heard for a while. I like the emotion and range. The Thing With Feathers last single ‘Figure It Out’ clocked up 280,000 streams in a short time. I feel that this new single ‘What You Want’ will do the same and more. I find the meaning of the song intriguing, as David Welcsh puts it “This song is an invitation, an empowerment, a call to something greater, a belief in something more.” This is something the world needs right now! During the writing of the song, David says that he wants to release the struggles of his heart and realising the only person that can do that is himself. This is something I believe in. No one can make you feel the way you do except yourself. I have learnt this over my life. I love the music too, it is catchy and really reflects the meaning of the song. I encourage you to listen to ‘What You Want’ for the enjoyment of course but also for the way it can make you feel when singing it loud. It makes me feel great! 


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