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FITUMI drops new single called ‘The Storm’

Photo credit Libby Danforth Photography

Chris Smith is a singer/Songwriter that has an inspiring story from his youth. His upbringing and hard work lead him to be a Appalachian State University graduate and Veteran Army Intelligence Captain. This has meant that he values family and friends and fighting for what you believe in. His latest single ‘The Storm’ also incorporates his belief of not being afraid to take chances and living life to the fullest. His new project FITUMI that stands for Fake It Til U Make It, a saying common here and one that I often say to myself. Chris’ late father also used this term a lot and this is a way of honouring his father. 

Chris goal with his FITUMI is to write relatable music that connects people. He states “I wanted to make relatable music; music that would connect with people around the globe at any point in their life. I wanted to offer motivation to the kid struggling under the weight of peer pressure, the new parent trying to keep their head above water, the couple fighting to keep the spark alive, the college student facing decisions that will shape the rest of their life and to all those daring to be different and fighting for a better tomorrow. I also wanted to offer support and encouragement for those out here taking big risks and making big moves; not afraid to fail and dusting themselves off and getting back up when they do. This music and this project is for the everyday people fighting the everyday battles.”

All these goals are admirable and I believe achievable. Listening to ‘The Storm’ I feel the power of the lyrics that is brought on by the music as well. The feeling I get when listening is ‘I can do anything if I try’ especially when it is the full-on music part. I can hear his inspiration band Imagine Dragons but that is not a problem for me. Chris has an amazing vocal sound that easily slips between variations. I truly believe that if ‘The Storm’ has the exposure it has the potential to make it big. I really hope that it does as it is deserving. Check it out here. 









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