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The Two Romans release new single called ‘Sky’s on Fire’.

The Two Romans have members from Italy, Germany and Switzerland so are a truly international band. About to release their debut album called Everything.Now!  they have released a single called ‘Sky’s on Fire’. The Two Romans formed in 2015 and have already played over 150 live shows and Festivals. They have also been super busy releasing three EPs Waves | Forest | Sun in annual cycles. Wanting to take their album to the next level they sought out Aussie Aria winner Adrian Breakspear to produce it for them. 
‘Sky’s on Fire’ is about being in a safe place. Even if the world is falling apart if you have a place where you are loved and accepted you are able to feel calm. I totally agree with this. I once lived in a home of aggression but now I am loved and feel safe at home. So I fully connect to ‘Sky’s on Fire’ meaning. With two beautiful vocals and music that makes me feel the meaning ‘Sky’s on Fire’ is definitely a song to listen to. You can do that here.  



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