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The Flock drop new single called ‘Welcome to My Life’.

5-piece alt-rock group from Melbourne The Flock are a band that loves playing live and I have had the pleasure of seeing them a few times playing at local pubs. Well worth catching them live due to their energy and great sound. Last year they had success with single ‘Say What You Like’ and that is awesome to see live!

Recently they have released a new single called ‘Welcome to My Life’. This is a song that gets better and better the more you listen. I really connected to the song as the song explores how our everyday battles are our own. You can sing the song and mean each word no matter what is going on in your life. I like how catchy the song is and the unique vocals made the song stand out from the crowd.

Take a listen here and if you like what you hear check them out. Times are tough enough for local bands due to lockdowns but listening and purchasing music and merch is a way of helping. I feel this young Indie band deserve exposure and success.


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