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Sean Nolan and The Heartmakers release single called ‘Heartbeat’.

I love pop-punk with raw guitars, insane drumming and of course the unique vocal sound that makes pop-punk such a great genre to listen to. The latest single from Sean Nolan and the Heartmakers certainly fits this description. I can hear the 90’s influence in ‘Heartbeat’ for sure. The meaning of ‘Heartbeat’ spoke to me as I truly believe that happiness comes in doing what we are passionate about. During this time of lockdowns and social distancing it would be wise to find your passion that you can do at home. Listening to great music including ‘Heartbeat’ is one of mine! 

Sean Nolan and The Heartmakers consists of Chris Cross (vocals, guitar), Kyle Nolan (synthesizers, keyboards), Matt Bayer (bass), and Kenny Duclos (drums). They love to play live so when this is all over and if you live in Brooklyn and Manhattan try and get to one of their gigs. 


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