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James Flannigan releases a new single called ‘Dear Insecurity’.

James Flannigan is a 21-year-old independent artist based in Eugene, Oregon! James is heavily influenced by artists such as John Mayer, Jeremy Zucker, Christian French, Chelsea Cutler and Noah Kahan (one of my fav artists). Even so, he has his own unique sound. James is a bedroom artist, all his writing, recording, producing, mastering, balancing etc is conducted in his bedroom. His latest released ‘Dear Insecurity’ was written about James insecurities and his feeling that others are better than him. So many of us struggle with insecurities even if we don’t seem to show it. James has used his talent for songwriting to take a look at his feelings and how he can stop them from controlling his life. It is hard for me to see how he can be insecure in his music when it is so so so good but his feelings are valid to him. I have enjoyed listening to ‘Dear Insecurity’ and I think many others will relate to the song and in turn, the song will help them as well as James. Take a listen here. 

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