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Kadeema releases new single called ‘Good Lies’.

Canadian’s Kadeema is made up of Songwriters Jimmy Chauveau (vocals) and Tal Vaisman (guitar/vocals). The duo were in a band called the Ascot Royals and have the band broke up they decided to continue making music together. Their debut EP ‘Napoleon Tornapart’ (this title made me laugh, clever play on words there!) has eight tracks on it. ‘Good Lies’ is the second single off the EP following on from their debut song called ‘Gotta Get It’. 

‘Good Lies’ caught my attention due to an interesting beat and Jimmy’s excellent vocal sound. This song was made to sing along to either driving down the freeway or in a live setting. I guess right now we will have to settle for listening at home during this virus crisis. ‘Good Lies’ is super contagious with well-written lyrics that both Tal and Kimmy wrote. Take a listen here. 


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