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Rocklahoma 2020 Latest Victim of COVID-19

Everyone who knows me know how much I look forward to Rocklahoma and my annual pilgrimage to Pryor, Ok.

For the past thirteen years, Rocklahoma has grown and become a highlight to the spring season.

Look for refund and roll over options email April 8

In a post just minutes ago, Rocklahoma 2020, mirrored what had been happening in the music world since early March. Done until 2021. I cried a little.

Other festivals are cancelling as well but there is something special about Rocklahoma that others can’t seem to duplicate. A closer feel and bond that only comes from years of meeting random people in a campground in mostly in the middle of nowhere that the others can’t offer.

This one hurts.

Ticket purchasers will receive an email with details of how to roll over for 2021 or refunds on Wednesday, April 8, 2020. Additional questions can be sent to

Full statement here :

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