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Karen Emeny drops new single ‘Meant For This’.

Karen Emeny has a great motto that I live by as well “I don’t wanna sleepwalk through life.’ This saying is the driving force behind her new EP ‘The Right Mistakes’. The lead single from this album is called ‘Meant For This’ which has a real 90’s vibe. This is one of the reasons that I like this song I think! I do like 90’s music.

Karen wrote her first song at the age of 12. She has worked hard to create her own sound as well as writing meaningful lyrics. ‘Meant For This’ was written with Canadian songwriting legend Emm Gryner who also sings harmonies on the track. Karen and Emm were discussing events over their lives and what comes next. Karen thought about the relationship she was in and realised she did not have the connection that she wanted. From there the base for ‘Meant For This’ was planned. As well as this Emm and Karen discussed how when we are young we think that adults know everything and have everything in life figured out. However, this is not the case! I am 50 and still waiting to grow up and know everything! 


‘Meant For This’ is not just a meaningful song. Karen’s vocal sound is amazing, it shows an impressive range and is full of energy. I really like the guitar riff. With an engaging music video to add to the overall aspect of the song, ‘Meant For This’ is well worth the listen! 

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