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Darla Jade releases new single called ‘Frenemy’.

Darla Jade has a beautiful unique vocal sound that is showcased in her latest scandipop single called ‘Frenemy’. Darla took a trip to Thailand (well before COVID 19) to attend an artist development retreat at Karma Sound Studio that was quite productive! Writing enough songs for a complete album there and making connections with other writers and producers that were also attending the retreat. 

‘Frenemy’ is a super relatable song. I can think of a few people over my life who fit into this category of Friends/ Enemies. There have been a few friendships that have been toxic and ended up completely turned sour. Darla has a great way of expressing how it feels to have a friend like that. Her writing skills are impressive. I also like Darla’s vocal sound as I said above and I must mention the music that has electronic elements. Take a listen to ‘Frenemy’ here. 


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