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Timothy releases new single ‘Alone’.

Swedish artist Timothy has just released a song that is best listening to with headphones with your eyes shut. If you are able to give ‘Alone” your full attention you will feel chills up your spine, just like I did. Timothy explained that he wrote this song during the hikes he takes alone, soaking in nature. Timothy wanted to recreate the stillness he feels on these hikes. Seems fitting right now as many of us have been forced into being alone during this pandemic. The range Timothy has vocally and the unbelievably beautiful vocals really make ‘Alone’ great. The haunting aspect of the highlights that there are all different aspects of looking for love. My only criticism of  ‘Alone’ is it is under 3 minutes and leaves me wanted more. I guess that is what the repeat button is for! Lastly, I must mention that the beautiful guitar also adds to the overall brilliance of the song. Take a listen to ‘Alone’ here.


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