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Emily James releases amazing single called ‘what do i’.

Check out this incredible new release from 21-year-old Emily James! This song called ‘what do i’ showcases her beautiful strong vocals. Emily has been a songwriter since she was 10 and has already released her debut album back in 2016. Growing up with an eclectic range of music has assisted Emily to create her own style. Emily states “My songs don’t always fit into one style of music. I write what truly inspires me from my feelings, emotions and experiences, and I try not to let any specific genre box me in.” I admire that she lets her creativity take the lead. 

Emily released an EP late last year called ‘Dreaming’ which her single ‘what do i’ is on. The meaning of this song is connectable to all those who see someone that they loved for the first time after breaking up. ‘what do i’ explores how we feel emotions that we really never really dealt with. I remember doing this and it was like a punch in the chest and emotions were swirling through my head. 

I encourage you to take a listen to ‘what do i’. It ticks all my boxes to be a hit. If you like it please share this review! 


Emily James · what do i

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