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Igor Laze releases a meaningful single called ‘Departure’.

‘Departure’ is the song that Igor Laze placed last on his solo album also called ‘Departure’. The sound of this song can’t be placed in one genre, in fact we need a genre name that combines all musical sounds. Igor’s amazing vocals stood out for me, they are full emotional and are a really great storyteller. Igor already has experience in this industry which is clear due to the super high quality of music. Having already released 4 studio albums and toured 15 countries with his band called Morre he is still using his talent for his solo work luckily for us! ‘Departure’ is about letting go of a time in your life and moving into the next part of life refreshed and willing to be a new person. Igor is a super talented Canadian artist who has done this in regard to his solo work. I look forward to hearing more from him. Take a listen to ‘Departure’ here and below is the Spotify link to the full 14 track album.  



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