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The Messenger Birds- Chris Williams Talks About Their Strikingly Accurate Music

Photo By: Koda Holt

Chris Williams takes a moment to explain The Messenger Birds almost prophetic new single ‘Play Dead” (Just For Tonight).  This hauntingly accurate lyric video is frighteningly simplistic.  Mostly because at this writing, it was out of necessity.  The lyrics seem to speak to the very nature of the current lock-down atmosphere.  “(It does) weird us out a little, but we also focus on corruption.”  The song was “written before 2018.  (We) read a lot of current events and now a year and a half later…” It seems to fit right in with their aptly named ‘Doom Blues” genre.  A term coined by a fan at one of their first shows.  They seem to have a panache for writing about things and their songs being strangely coincidental.

Their previous song “Phantom Limb” hit big at the very time metal health and depression came to the forefront of discussion.  Most recently one of their videos featured a main character wearing VR Goggles being chased by people in hazmat suits.  “It’s so eerie that we have such perfect timing.”  Some of this comes from their personal experiences.  They each “have their ups and downs”. The writing that “comes from more specific situations is very relatable.  Parker write most of the lyrics with me plugging in words here and there.”

Not being able to get out has been pretty hard on this two- man group.  “We hang out a lot.  (If we) aren’t playing we go out to a show and support friend in other bands. We usually go to two shows a weekend. Right now we are just trying to stay safe and do more because we can’t get together.”

That’s quite a feat when you have two people who have been playing together for quite a while.  They started playing and recording on a simple Karaoke machine so they could record on the cassette tape.  They had both been in other bands separately.  “Not everyone was on the same page. So, we thought we can do it, just the two of us.  We never needed more.  We bounce a lot of ideas back and forth.”  When they are live “use loops and play ominous sounds” in order to fill out the sound.

TMB by Trevor Dernai

It is becoming increasingly difficult to talk about the future plans for artists.  Everything is so up in the air with the uncertainty of when live music will return.  These guys would have been well on their way to Florida on tour by now.  I always ask what might be their dream job if music wasn’t part of their everyday plan.  Chris laid it out quite well.  If he is ready for retirement, he wants to be a bar tending beach bum in a tropical location.  Until then he and Parker are going to keep writing, get together when they are able and play whenever they can.  Be sure to check out everything The Messenger Birds have to offer.

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