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Cate Tomlinson releases new single ‘Let You’.

You need to hear Cate Tomlinson’s latest single ‘Let You’ to hear how beautiful her unique vocal sound is. Cate is a singer, songwriter, and performing artist from San Francisco. She is studying a Music Industry major which makes sense to me! This 18-year-old has already released 2 singles prior to ‘Let You’. After hearing the first few lines of Cate singing in ‘Let You’  I stopped what I was doing and fully focussed on the song and thought ‘Wow’! 

‘Let You’ is not just a great sounding song. It is a meaningful song that anyone that has felt secure in a relationship will relate to. The song explores how when you get the confirmation that someone that you love, loves you back the feeling get, that sense of security is amazing! I like this as it is different from many other songs meanings. ‘Let You’ is really the full package, and what an excellent package it is. Take a listen here. 

cate tomlinson · Let You In

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