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King Falcon Swoops In With Upbeat Single


Mike Rubin Talks About Their Deadline Oriented Writing and (Almost) Reveals the FULL STORY Behind “Shake! Shake! Shake!”

There is no doubt that this may be the best time to release new music in the last fifteen years.  Most areas have a literal captive audience looking for something to lift their spirits while in the various world wide lock-downs.  King Falcon delivers with their self-proclaimed danceable single “Shake! Shake! Shake!”

Mike Rubin explained how quickly they worked on this new music.  “King Falcon didn’t even exist until like the end of November.  By that point we just had a name.  Two weeks later we were on a flight to LA to work with a couple of producers. In those three days we went from not even knowing what King Falcon should really sound like to having a completely finished and recorded song. That’s where “Shake!” came from.  When you do something that quickly, it kind of forces you to go with your gut.  You don’t over think things quite as much.  Like when you sit down and write something and give yourself two weeks to write it, you overthink every single word your write, but if you give yourself six hours you tend to just get things done.”  

So do they work well under pressure? “(Laughs) I don’t know if we work well under pressure.  We get a good result, but the process can be a bit stressful at times.”

If it’s stressful how does he de-stress? “That’s been especially tough in these trying times.  Really my only two activities during this times are number one: Just going for drives up and down the highway just listening to music.  I usually go about midnight to one in the morning when there is no one on the road and it’s not too hot out.  I (also) watch a lot of reality TV.  TLC is one of my favorite channels.  I watch a lot of Cold Case Files, and prison system vs justice system shows.”


King Falcon #3

What about touring plans?  We know that it really is up in the air, but what is the wish list?  “We are looking more toward January because James and I can’t even be in the same room.  He actually had the Corona Virus. He has lost his sense of smell as a result.  So, he and I haven’t seen each other, but we have started virtual kind of shows.  So, we are working on a show we can put together so people can get an idea of what it’s like to see us live.  If this continues ( Covid-19) and lasts until January or February,  it’s going to be a little touch and go on touring.  Even then, it will be tough because people don’t like to go out in the snow.  It really effects smaller bands more than bigger bands.  If your Jack White, if you’re The Rolling Stones, you can just say this summer, I’m going to take a year off and it’s OK if you don’t make the money you would have, but if you’re a small band and you play a local show, that two hundred bucks that you get pays your rent.  You gotta do five six of those a week just to stay alive.” 

So when live music comes back how will the crowds be?  “I think you’ll see a mix, but based on the crowds at the opening of the beaches, I think you will see plenty of people out there flocking to see a show. There are definitely people who are emotionally traumatized by this who will afraid to go out – but there are just as many people who are just anxious to be out of the house and socializing in pubic again.  I can’t wait to get out of here.  I’ve been in my house for seventy six days”. 

They became a Two Piece that developed from their other band The Inoculated Canaries – a band that plays a more retro sound.  “It just kind of happened that way. We created King Falcon to try some more modern sounds.  Eventually, the other two guys said they really didn’t have time for this and that’s OK, we still have the Canaries. ” In fact, both bands were supposed to play SXSW. “So we had to figure out, how to do backing tracks and get all that together and by the time we did that, it was April 1st.” He admits it’s a bit awkward on stage being the focal point of everything.  “Yes, but you just have to put it behind you and focus on what is happening.  When it’s just you up there, you’re in the middle of a song and it’s extremely loud and you’ve got the lights in your face and you really can’ t see anything beyond that, you get into this autopilot mode where all of these songs you’ve rehearsed for so long, you flip this switch.   You do this 45 minute show and it’s almost like what the hell just happened.  It’s like I wasn’t even there. The only time I made mistakes is when I had realization moments when I notice ‘Oh my God, I’m playing to a bunch of people.”

King Falcon - Shake! Shake! Shake! single 2400x2400

As far as the real story behind “Shake! Shake! Shake!”, this was the most I could get. “Boy I really would love to (tell you the whole story) but I don’t really want to get anybody in trouble. All I’m going to say is there are many different things that are legal in LA that are not legal in New York. I’m sure you can figure out what those are.  I’m not going to confirm or deny. We had a night where we engaged in some of those things that are legal in LA,  It was me, James and a couple other people, and the people we were with, let’s just say couldn’t hang in there.  So, a short night turned into a very long night.” We will leave the rest to the imagination.  “The next release, which does not have a date yet – will be some different sounds and we’ll see how far we can take that.”  Look for “When the Party Is Over” sometime in late summer.  “You’ll hear the continuing evolution of the band.”

In the meantime, if you want to let your imagination run wild, check out their single “Shake! Shake! Shake!” on all platforms.  Also, check out King Falcon on all their web presence: 

Official website: 
Smart URL:

TikTok: @kingfalconband


Guitar giveaway/Lessons contest:



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