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Ed Hawke drops a new single called ‘Staring up at the Sky’.

Fellow Melbournian artist Ed Hawke has known since he was 13 that he was going to be a musician. When I was 13 I knew that I was going to be a writer. Today it is my pleasure to use my skills to review Ed’s skills in his latest single ‘Staring up at the Sky’. Working from his home, all his music has been written, recorded & produced there. 

‘Staring up at the Sky’ was influenced by his recent road trip from California to San Francisco. Taking a road trip can be a transforming experience, time to reflect and take in new places. However, returning to Melbourne he found that his life in Melbourne was exactly the same. ‘Staring up at the Sky’ explores the sense of wanting to be somewhere you are not. I adore Ed’s vocal sound and delivery. It is relaxed and creates a calm feeling within me while listening. 

Take a listen to ‘Staring up at the Sky’ here. It is well worth your while.


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