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Reino releases a new single called ‘In My Eyes’.

Hit Alert!

Indie/synth-rock band Reino from the Netherlands has a unique style of their own. Even though there are aspects of bands that have influenced them that you can clearly hear such as Two Door Cinema Club and The Wombats. I enjoy listening to those bands so it is no surprise that I loved listening to Reino’s latest single called ‘In My Eyes’. This song is very energetic and I could see myself going crazy dancing in the crowd while they played it live. The song has a deep meaning that relates to people who are in a relationship that is not really working out. It explores how that if you look into your partner’s eyes and see what you want to see and not them, then the relationship is not full of love. As the song plays it builds and builds to add to the meaning. 

The engaging music video is full of fans who sent in a closeup image of their eyes. Taking over 100 hours to edit and get the video to this excellent standard video was an insanely great effort! Take a listen to ‘In My Eye’s’ here, you will love it. 🙂 



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