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EYA drops new single ‘Reflections’.

Singer/songwriter EYA from California who is now based in the Bay Area to LA. She actually made the move there to work on her acting career. It seems that EYA has many creative talents! She has worked as a model and has used her creativity to Direct, act, produce and write her own songs. During post-production in a movie she was working on she met Taryll Jackson, yes, a Jackson, from the famed Jackson family and musical group 3T. Taryll worked on songs with EYA and improved her natural vocal talent and they released an album together. What a great learning experience that EYA had with this. 

Now EYA works with Jay Phoenix, a classically-trained music producer and concert pianist. They have the mission of having more meaningful and compositionally-interesting songs to the Top 40 scene. I like this! I would love to hear more songs like this having radio presence as well.

‘Reflections’, EYA’s latest single has those elements. Full of thought provoking lyrics, with the exploration of nostalgia both good and bad, the song certainly is more meaningful that the songs currently in the Top 40 anywhere in the war. EYA’s vocal sound can only be described as amazingly beautiful. There is a touch of a haunting vibe in her vocals in ‘Reflections’. Please listen to ‘Reflections’ here. 


EYA · Reflections

For everything on Eya, follow her on social media @everythingeya (Twitter, FB, IG) or go to

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