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Sugar Parks releases new single named ‘Strange World’.

Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Sugar Parks who collabs with Mitch Parks, her husband has just released an amazing single called ‘Strange World’. This is the lead track from her debut EP called ‘Ruminations’. This EP is full of indie rock tunes and each song explores topics that need to be talked about such as toxic relationships and toxic relationships. The music is full of rich distorted guitar and bass riffs courtesy of Mitch. They make a great creative team. 

‘Strange World’ is an indie blues-rock song that is a perfect showcase for Sugar Parks incredible soulful vocals. I have not heard any vocals like them! They certainly are unique and made the song stand out from the crowd of submissions. I love the bass line at the start of the song, that caught my interest as well. Meaning wise, ‘Strange World’ is about the feeling of not being accepted by others yet still being yourself. I like that! The strange world is based on Facebook, where we are friends with people from our past but do not keep in touch with. The first line of the song is ‘In a strange world where people lurk who used to know your name’ is an example of what Facebook is like. The song also looks at when one of these people make a post and the realisation of how much you have changed, which can be good or bad. 

Sugar Parks has major talent as does Mitch and I feel the duo has only just begun. I adore ‘Strange World’ and look forward to hearing more! 


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