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XANDE drops new single ‘Highs and Lows’.

Portuguese solo singer/songwriter XANDE (Vasco Alexandre Ramos ) has prior experience in the music industry as he played in his band called More Than A Thousand. His band toured with the links of Papa Roach and 30 Seconds to Mars however they broke up in 2016. Luckily for us, XANDE wanted to continue using his talent for writing lyrics and music and started work on his solo project. Using dark pop and 80’s synth music as an influence, he has moved in a new direction and has gained new fans with his new sound. 

XANDE’s latest release ‘Highs and Lows’ took me on an emotional journey as the lyrics explore emotions can be suppressed so we can live our life. The powerful lyrics of ‘I am digging a grave to bury my thoughts, so much self-abuse gets me out of tune‘.  XANDE’s vocal sound drew me in and made me really listen to the meaning of the words. They are filled with emotion and have their own unique way of expression. The more I listen to ‘Highs and Lows’ I get more out of the song. The change-up at the end, where a voice enquires about the stuff inside and whether it is anger from the suppression of emotions is a personal struggle that I have had. I like how being different is mentioned and how it is suggested that maybe being different is not so bad. I am different, I am in a wheelchair and I don’t let that get to me.  So I can relate to the song, I love his vocal sound and the music is great as well. For me, that is a sign that ‘Highs and Lows’ is a brilliant song. Take a listen here. 



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