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Drew Schueler drops new single ‘Head Start’.

Hit prediction!

Drew Schueler is not just a pop artist but from his studio in Nashville is a songwriter, instrumentalist and producer. A multi-talented man! Breaking now into the pop scene from a more alternative pop sound, he has just released a new song called ‘Head Start’. This song really showcases Drew’s beautiful vocal sound and emotional, relatable lyric writing ability. 

Drew could be said to be a fussy artist. I mean this in a good way. He plays all instruments himself and I quote him “I have always been fascinated by all aspects of creating music,” Drew said. “As with any kind of art, every tiny detail matters and I love knowing everything that goes into my music.”  The focus on every detail is evident in ‘Head Start’. Lyrically this song is very emotional and while listening you can hear the heartbreak in Drew’s vocals. The lyrics are also very relatable to anyone who has ever been heart broken.

Take a listen to ‘Head Start’ here. 

Drew Schueler · Head Start



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