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‘Angel of My Eye’ is Sourfish’s latest track.

Three years ago, Gavin Simpson considered this quote “What would you attempt to do, if you knew you wouldn’t fail?” After considering this he made a decision to use his talents and start his own music project called Sourfish. His goal was to “write songs, good melodies and make music that evokes emotion.” (bio) Luckily for me I was able to listen to Sourfish latest track as I also love songs with good melodies and of course songs that are full of meaning that I can relate to. 

Using the isolation period to it’s fullest, Gavin Simpson

finished a new EP and a podcast called “What do you Say?”. ‘Angel of My Eye’ is from this EP and took me on an emotional journey that is more meaningful the more I listen. I think that my favourite part is how the music is in so in tune with the emotion of the lyrics. Gavin’s emotion-filled vocals also make the meaning poignant. There are many things that people miss after a breakup, and ‘Angel of My Eye’ takes a look at the saying goodnight ritual which is one part of my special time I share with my husband. Just before falling asleep I think of the positive things in my life and feel how lucky I am. I can’t imagine losing that but if I did Gavin has captured how I would feel. The song also has a cleverly hidden feature of each verse starting with a number that decreases with each verse, as a count down until the breakup is complete. 

Linking back to Gavin’s goal in the first paragraph, Angel of My Eye’ has certainly evoked emotions in me and I am sure that it will in others. Take a listen to Angel of My Eye’ here. 


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