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KiD RAiN drop Indie pop tune ‘Say Yes’.

KiD RAiN is the project of UK based producer and songwriter Dan Reynard. KiD RAiN is indie-pop at it’s best. Super high energy is prevalent in his latest single called ‘Say Yes’. This song’s music manages to dominate my brain while listening and for a long time after. In a good way! You must watch the music video, the energy is contagious and the crisp vibrant colours of the streets of Kampung Warna Warni Jodipan (Village Of Colour), add to the enjoyment of listening to ‘Say Yes’. I can see this song being scored in romantic movies and TV shows in the future. I like how proposing marriage a favourite pastime over Dan’s life, as by the time he was 19 he had proposed to 12 people and 2 animals. Even though he was turned down as the timing was wrong he hopes to find the right person that will actually say yes. 

KiD RAiN is an artist that is here to stay and his songs bound for the charts. Take a listen to ‘Say Yes’ here. 


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