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Ian McFarland drops another brilliant single ‘Silent Truths’.

If you are one of our regular readers and listeners you would by now know of the musical genius called Ian McFarland. I have lost count of how many songs I have reviewed but I can tell you that I have never knocked back a submission. Each single he releases I fall in love with it even though they are all so diverse. Ian writes and performs his own music and his mates accompanying him. Lately, his producer Ryan Melone has been on the drums and they started writing songs together. 

Ian has just released his first studio LP called ‘Publicity Stunt Double’. This album has a mix of laid back acoustic songs and contemporary rock songs full of energy. His latest release ‘Silent Truths’ has a really catchy guitar riff that stayed with me hours after I listen to it. I love the variation in music. Ian’s great vocals are displayed, his clear vocal style making sure that we can hear the lyrics. Do yourself a favour and take a listen to ‘Silent Truths’ and if you like what you hear, check out some of my older reviews and of course Ian’s new LP ‘Publicity Stunt Double’ on Spotify. 






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