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Tim Wheatley drops new single ‘Lying Low’.

Alt folk rock troubadour, Tim Wheatley is back with a unique dose of melancholy and Australiana, today dropping his deeply personal single, Lying Low.  The song is complemented by a fittingly dark and manic video clip that showcases the private suffering and switching of personalities that inspired the song. (more info below) 

Tim told Jen what he thought were the best things about living in London. Some interesting answers! I don’t think that I would want to experience a London Winter but the sound of the historic pubs is very intriguing! 


  1. Seasons

You either just spat out your cornflakes or rightfully assumed I’m being sarcastic. But I’m serious. After living in Los Angeles for the last seven odd years, to finally live in a city with a sense for the seasons is more refreshing than you could imagine. My image of London growing up was one of winter coats, London cabs and Spice Girls. But I’ve since realised that the spring and summer are nothing without having survived an English winter. 

  1. Europe

London is the gateway to Europe. The ease in which you can travel between countries is certainly something you want to capitalise on while living in here. London sure isn’t known as a summer holiday destination, but a one hour flight can see sunshine and sandy beaches without number. There is a sense of unbridled freedom when you can simply board a train here in London at St. Pancras station and be in Paris for brunch. 

  1. Pubs

There are three pubs I can see from my window here in East London. And I’m not talking about a new RSL littered with pokie machines, dog racing and ‘hot headed’ bouncers. I am talking about hotels from the 1800’s with open fireplaces, home cooking and beers that require a certain strength to pull from the kegs down below in the bomb shelter that saw out two world wars. 

Coats hanging, hats resting, windows frosting, logs burning, lagers pouring and stories embellished. Pubs really are such an integral part of the English culture and it’s easy to see why. 

  1. Parklife

The sun is out. So jump on a bike and head to the park. Any old unassuming park. Stop at the ‘Off-Licence’ on the way, load up on beers, Pimms or gin and meet up with a group of friends and get sunburnt like never before. Bring your own BBQ and music (the more offensive the better), and prepare to cancel any plans you’ve made for the next few days, because ‘Parklife’ is not for the faint-hearted. 

  1. Sunday Roasts

My favourite day of the week. Over the last two years we have scoured pubs and restaurants for the best ‘Sunday Roast’ around. We haven’t even touched the sides to be honest, but having spent so many years away from my family and friends, a roast (albeit on the other side of the world) is the closest that I come to home. 

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Produced and engineered by Michael Badger (King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, You Am I, Amyl & The Sniffers) at Jaya Jaya Music in Melbourne, and mixed by ARIA award winning Steven Schram (Paul Kelly, San Cisco), Lying Low tells a tale of darkness with that raw, raspy voice Wheatley is best known for, and his intensely introspective songwriting shines. “It was the first song I wrote after moving from Los Angeles to London. The adjustment from sunny California to the cobblestone streets of East London was near impossible for me. I wrote this song feeling more isolated than ever, in a new city, away from family and friends, and without the ability to perform live,” explains Wheatley.  “I stopped talking about how hard I was finding it, because I was drowning in other people’s well-intended but cookie cutter advice. I was going stir crazy in my own company all day and night. It was a true test for my mental health, I was suffering and switching up a few different sides of my personality trying to find the one that could best get me through each situation. It was exhausting ‘getting out there’ and making new friends, for some reason during this period I felt I needed to keep to myself to get to the other side.”

Directed and filmed by Ben Cook (Bombay Bicycle Club, Bring Me The Horizon) at the Sony Music Studios in Sydney in the midst of the bushfires raging across the country, the video’s intent was to demonstrate the solitude and strain the move had on Wheatley. “We wanted it to be frantic and dark, but ultimately strong enough to stand on its own,” says Wheatley. “Ben and I deliberately went in to the filming of the video wanting to capture something completely unrehearsed and candid with nothing but a light and his new Super8 camera, and possibly a bottle of scotch.

Despite not being written during or about the current global isolation situation, Wheatley insights, “In more ‘normal’ release circumstances, this song – that is now a year old – would be a memory, or about a circumstance that has since passed. But this time, ‘Lying Low’ is somehow becoming more relevant by the day. Either that or I’m stuck on a carousel.”


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