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Taylor Colson Rising Chanteuse Taylor Colson debuts with ‘Hurt Me’


In a time when life as we know it is on hold, rising chanteuse Taylor Colson is leveraging the loneliness caused by COVID-19 to drive home the longing of her new single ‘Hurt Me” by debuting her self-filmed video ahead of the release, available everywhere on Friday, August 14th.  The song was co-written by early Halsey collaborator Dylan Jackson Scott and produced by Scott and Charlie Park (lovelytheband) at Suburban Soul Studios in Los Angeles.

Colson’s video for “Hurt Me,” a haunting and moody track about love, loss, and longing, was filmed exclusively using the Photo Booth app on her Macbook. The clip finds Colson singing and writhing in an empty apartment. The bare room serves as a fitting metaphor considering the context of the song, which talks about realizing the loss of love and being unable to move forward.

Speaking about the song, Colson explains: “Hurt Me’ is about wanting to feel heartbreak for the first time because of the guilt you feel for not loving someone anymore and having to cause them pain and suffering when it’s time to leave. You feel like you owe them restitution for what you’ve done. The guilt can eat you alive, leading you to emptiness and despair.”

She continues “There’s a part of you that wants to know what it feels like to be in great pain. Relationship to relationship, whether we like it or not, we take the broken pieces with us. My collaborator Dylan said it best – “We’re all on a romantically induced, psychological Ferris wheel.”

Taylor enrolled in an acting class at age 5, and quickly realized at that tender age she had a love for performing. She started singing in broadway-style shows as a pre-teen and evolved into a full-fledged musical theater performer as a teenager.  Growing up, her musical idols ranged from artists like Whitney Houston, Cher, and Barbara Streisand – to rocker Freddie Mercury of Queen.

Her creative journey progressed when she developed a following on Youtube through a number of videos of highly praised cover songs.  The videos led to an opportunity to open several East Coast gigs for blackbear.  She relocated to Los Angeles in 2017 and connected through mutual friends with Scott, who was a producer on Halsey’s first album, “Badlands’. In November of 2019 Colson played her first full-fledged solo shows in Europe, handpicked to open for lovelytheband by Mitchy Collins.

Taylor will be doing a limited run of residency shows in Los Angeles as soon as safely possible, in anticipation of a national tour in the first quarter of 2021.  

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