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Pop punker Aprilann drops new single called ‘Bad Friends’.

Aprilann has a true pop punk sound that I love! ‘Bad Friends’ is her latest release that was the last song and the most difficult for her to write on her album. The song is about being a bad friend to yourself. It was almost not included on her album but I am super happy that she did! Aprilann states (Bad Friends) “stretched me past my comfort zone and forced me to experiment.”. I am not surprised as these kind of songs are the songs that I usually really like. Aprilann’s vocals are strong and versatile and I can hear her influences of Avril Lavigne in them. Again just what I like! The variety I found in the song was impressive, mainly the ending where the mood changes and there is a introspective vibe. I encourage you to take a listen to ‘Bad Friends’ here.


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