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The Hollow Men releases new single called ‘Silence’.

Dennis Sjöström AKA The Hollow Men has just dropped a single called ‘Silence’. This song is a reflection of Dennis’ battle with depression in the past couple of years. With beautifully emotive written lyrics, this song will be relatable for so many people. It certainly is for me. Dennis is the narrator, taking us through his story, of being unsure where he is headed and the loneliness he felt. ‘Lost in Silence‘ is the standout lyric line as when I feel my depression, this is exactly how I feel. Dennis has a great vocal sound, with variation and I really like the harmonies in the chorus. Take a listen to ‘Silence’ here to see if you relate as much as me to this gem of a song.

Find The Hollow Men on



SoundCloud: @thehollowmens


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