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Morning Arcade release debut single ‘Cold Shoulders’.

Morning Arcade make dreamy, widescreen indie rock influenced by synthwave playlists and late night car journeys listening to the Drive soundtrack pretending to be Ryan Gosling. Behind the wheel is Karl Griffiths and coming along for the ride are Bethan, Ceris, Lloyd and Josh. Squeeze into the backseat with them and let’s head off into the sunset.

“Cold Shoulders was written in response to the constant stream of news surrounding environmental destruction and in the song I call out the indifference we all have towards it in some way. The line “only you can save the world” is aimed at those in power able to make a change but also to every person on the planet”

Band members:

Karl Griffiths: Lead vocals and guitar

Bethan Ayres: Keys and backing vocals

Lloyd Jones: Guitar

Ceris Fussell: Bass

Thomas Bailey: Drums

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