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Robin Staps of The Ocean Collective talks Phanerozoic ii

Interview by Jordan Sibberas, 24th September 2020

Hailing from Berlin, The Ocean Collective have a history of writing about history. The Ocean are known for sprawling LPs, sometimes across multiple releases, that blend the brutality of natural history with the complex tapestry of humanity in its complex condition, resulting in songs that are both heavy in a very pure sense, whilst maintaining rich layers of detail. Phanerozoic ii: Mesozoic | Cenozoic is the follow-up to (the aptly named) Phanerozoic i: Palaeozoic and picks up where the last part ended. Lead guitar swinger and major songwriter Robin Staps took some time to discuss the new release with us…

Robin Staps of The Ocean talks Phanerozioc ii

Phanerozoic ii drops tomorrow (September 25th) and can be found at:

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