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Simitree releases new single ‘Feast Your Eyes’.

If you know me well, you will know that I love a good political themed song especially when it comes to the US, or how Simitree writes it ‘UnUS of America. Simitree has just released a political song that he wrote just as Trump was about to be elected. Releasing this song one day before the 2020 election, you can feel the uncertainly within the song. I was certainly feeling very worried about the results and I am not even American.

Simitree states “Nothing has changed and I fear nothing will change tomorrow. No matter the result. I pray for empathy. For open ears. For compassion and kindness and all other tropes that fend off hopelessness. We can all learn from each another. But we cannot teach anyone we are not willing to learn something from. God help us all. It’s a long way home from here.I agree with this, but are relieved that Biden is the President Elect.

‘Feast Your Eyes’ has some unique sound scapes and there is loads of variety in the song. If you like a song with a political message then take a listen to ‘Feast Your Eyes’ here.

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