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The Millennial Club releases new single ‘girls that ain’t u’.

Indie pop and R&B band The Millennial Club have released a beautiful tune that really highlights the amazing vocals filled with emotion. ‘girls that ain’t u’ also shows that The Millennial Club can write relatable and meaningful songs. After listening to their EP ‘summer nights’ EP’ I also realised that they are capable of producing different sounding singles. Listening to ‘girls that ain’t u’ brings up empathy to the singer and have thoughts of tell her how you feel before it is too late! After considering what genre ‘girls that ain’t u’ is in I decided I would quote the press release, that states it is “ jazz-influenced, hip-hop-esque, R&B”. To me it is a damn fine song that deserves to be heard! Listen here.

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The group was formed when singer/guitarist Andres Owens was joined by bassist/keyboardist Jared Ortiz in late 2016, later adding guitarist/saxophonist Jake Stevenson and drummer Tyler Kamei. They find inspiration in a wide range of artists including Coldplay, Bombay Bicycle Club, St. Lucia, and The 1975.

Take a listen to their 6-track ‘summer nights’ EP below


  1. “i wish i could tell u”
  2. “like i do”
  3. “feel the same”
  4. “summer nights”
  5. “girls that ain’t u”
  6. “anymore”

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