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Nothing Special drop debut single ‘Brandi’.

Indie rockers Nothing Special have a super amazing sound that needs to be heard! The band is made up of Dan Bell on vocals/guitar, Gabriel Higazi on vocals/guitar, James Carr on bass and Spencer Holmes on the drums and the chemistry that these guys have musically is incredible. I love their energy! One thing that I can’t quite get my head around is that their debut single ‘Brandi’ is in fact the first song that they wrote together. The reason being is it has a sound of a more seasoned band. I love the catchy guitar hooks, the fast paced music, the vocals and the meaning. Pretty much the point I am trying to make is I love this song! I really do look forward to hearing more from this young talented band. In the mean time I will be adding ‘Brandi’ to my fav playlist. Take a listen here!

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