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Experimental Sydney-based duo Plastic Face have today announced their brooding, delightfully bizarre new single HiiViSiON, an intriguing exploration into a very strange state of mind, out today, November 17.  The mysterious duo have also released a stunning clip to accompany the track, written and directed by Sean Donovan.

HiiViSiON makes an immediate impact with the curious opening lyric ‘Have you ever seen a rat trying to fly?’  Evocative of 90s house music, but with hints of modern Australian influences such as Tame Impala and Flume, Plastic Face are carving out a very special, unique niche for themselves.  Should the listener dance, or listen contemplatively, or do both at the same time?  It’s up to the individual, as Plastic Face explain, “The song isn’t really about someone, it’s more a state of mind.  This year has been so bananas it kind of represents our feeling towards it…Life and experiences make us tick, strange and unique.”

TOP 5 Musical Influences on PLASTIC FACE.

  1. MOSES SUMNEY – The man is an alien, he’s been sent down from the heavens to bless us and humble us with his angelic pipes. Seeing him live in an intimate setting as the pingers are kicking in is an unforgettable experience! 
  1. ZHU – This guy is a lord of deep bass and pop, dancefloor bangers. We look forward to the day covid-19 fucks off so we can get sweaty in da clurrrb listening to him.
  1. BETTY DAVIS – Not to be confused with the actress with the eyes. Betty Davis used to date Miles Davis back in the day and was responsible for pushing him beyond contemporary jazz and into the psychedelic acid jazz he later made in his career. Not only was she a style icon, she made some incredibly edgy and forward funk music in the 70’s. Check out her record, ‘They Say I’m Different’ and thank me later.
  1. MADONNA – ‘Confessions on the Dancefloor’ is one of the best pop records from start to finish PERIOD!… Not to mention her influence on the pop world is unparalleled.
  1. FELA KUTI – with tony allen drums and Fela at the helm what more could you possibly need. An absolute powerhouse of afrobeat rhythms and powerful politically charged lyrics. Always a must on any house party playlist for us.

More about Plastic Face and HiiViSiON

A song and project as unique as this deserves a visual representation that suits the source material – and the video for HiiViSiON does not disappoint.  Dark and wild, a nighttime car trip in the rain takes a bizarre turn – evocative of Donnie Darko, the entire video is deeply unsettling, yet intriguing, and will prompt the viewer to watch again and again.  Speaking on the inspiration behind the clip, Plastic Face says, “One of our lovely pals Sean Donovan wrote and directed this clip.  After seeing his independent short film ‘Headless Chooks’ we knew we had to work with him!  It was evocative, dark and truly open to interpretation.  ‘HiiViSiON’ is no different.  We all agreed we wanted something mysterious, dark and thought-provoking.  Something to entice people to dip their toes into our world so to speak and come up with their own answers.  We pulled together an incredible team with the little resources we had and made something we’re so happy with.

Plastic Face are a breath of fresh air in a world where a lot of things are starting to look and feel the same.  Fans of HiiViSiON will be pleased to hear that there is more music coming from the new duo, as they enthuse, We absolutely, positively cannot wait to unleash our music onto the world, we’ve loved making it, it’s been such a random unique process as it always is with the two of us.  We are so amped and can’t wait for everyone to wrap their eyes and ears around our work.”

Plastic Face is Pete Stals & Will Coleman

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