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Mickey Valen shares new single ‘Overthinking’ (ft. Mothica).

LA-based producer Mickey Valen has returned with a new single called ‘Overthinking (ft. Mothica). Mickey has reached amazing feats with his last two singles, with over 120 million YouTube streams and making number one in Spotify’s Global Viral playlists and iTunes dance charts. Now he has released ‘Overthinking’ (ft. Mothica) which caught my attention as I come from a long genetic line of over-thinkers. ‘Overthinking’ (ft. Mothica) is a song that many will relate to. We do spend way too much time overthinking things and wasting time doing so. Vocally this song features Mothica amazing vocals with some catchy vocal hooks that really enhance the songs meaning. Take a listen to this hard hitting pop tune here.

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