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Fialta drops new single ‘All I Can Say’.

Indie pop outfit Fialta is back with a new single called ‘All I Can Say’ that caught my attention as I recognised their unique sound. Fialta is made up of Beth Leibovich, David Provenzano, Michael Leibovich, and Sarah Shotwell.

To finish off 2020 Fialta have dropped ‘All I Can Say’ that is a song based on the emotions of someone that needs a change in their life to redem themselves. Of course when such a subject is written about their own personal experience has a sense of vulnerability that is apparent in ‘All I Can Say’. As with all the other Fialta songs I have heard, I totally adore All I Can Say’! Beautiful vocals that are full of emotion and brilliantly written lyrics really do lean towards this song needing to be heard by everyone. Take a listen to understand what I mean.

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