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JC Cassis releases catchy tune ‘Dance Dance Dance’.

Wow! JC Cassis has just released a real gem of a song that has the potential to become a new anthem for a generation called ‘Dance Dance Dance’. JC first worked on the EP back in 2010 but when she joined a girl pop act she had to take her own work down and only work on their music. After 5 years JC found that she was not happy so she made a change can came back to her personal music to find her true sound again. JC Cassis is an independent solo music artist, singer, songwriter, music producer, video director, podcast/event producer and more.

‘Dance Dance Dance’ was written from an experience during which an acting teacher told her that her appearance was not right and that acting was not for her. ‘Dance Dance Dance’ sends a clear message, that for people to follow their dreams even if they are knocked back. ‘Dance Dance Dance’ is entirely JC’s work, she wrote, produced and performed all elements of Dance Dance Dance herself. I love thae attitude in JC’s vocals as she sings the brilliantly written lyrics. From the first listen I felt the power in this song, of I can damn well do what I want and what people say to put people down’s opinion is not worth getting upset about. To understand how great ‘Dance Dance Dance’ is you have to listen here. Turn the volume up as well!

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