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Nataliya Nikitenko releases new single ‘Oil & Water’.

Ukraine born, gorwing up in Australia and now residing in Los Angeles, Nataliya Nikitenko is the moniker of Nataliya Phillips. This multi-talented artist is a national ballroom dance champion, was in a performing arts school and was involved in singing, dancing and acting while she was a team. Many Australians will know Nataliya Nikitenko in TV shows ‘Trapped’ and ’Castaway’. Moving to LA to chase her dreams she has just released a single ‘Oil & Water’.

‘Oil & Water’ really showcases Nataliya Nikitenko vocal talented as well her writing skills. This song expresses so many emotions from her past experiences that makes ‘Oil & Water’ a very relatable song. I can relate as ‘Oil & Water’ could have been written about my experience with my ex husband. I knew the relationship was doomed from the start but did not have the self confidence to get out of the emotional abusive relationship. The point I am making is that ‘Oil & Water’ is a super relatable song! Enough about me. Listen to this super talented Aussie artist here.

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