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Rook Monroe shares new single ‘Californialand’.

While listening to submissions why working, I had to stop and turn my full attention on Rook Monroe’s single ‘Californialand’. Rook has a beautiful smooth vocal sound that I could listen to all day. The harmonies are incredible! Meaning wise ‘Californialand’ explores where we ought to go to find our true identity. It looks at how we are never satisified with what we have and we always want more. I understand this meaning, I have for years made sure that I am happy with what I have in life and don’t allow myself to think, like I did when I was younger, that I had to have a certain thing to be happy, a destructive pattern. So not only do I love the sound of ‘Californialand’ I connect to it in my own personal way. Take a listen to ‘Californialand’ here, you won’t regret it. It does have a tune that stays with you but that it is a good thing!


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