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Foes of Fern drop new single ‘Time Management’.

Wanting to hear a dynamic song that will make you want to dance? Look no further than ‘Time Management’. This song has just been released by Foes of Fern and has many instruments playing their part to work together to produce this gem of a song. The song is not just super catchy but has great lyrics such as ” We can do whatever we like, I just want to be right by your side” is quite a relatable meaning, for anyone who is in love.

‘Time Management’ consists of drums, bass, guitar, tuba, ukulele, sax, trumpet, trombone and others, that add depth and a sense of fun to the sound. I really like the vocal sound, this adds to the fun side of the song. Check out this mesmerising song here.

The vibe of this song is just enjoyment. Do whatever it is in life that makes you happy. Even if that means not listening to our song Fern.

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