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Becoming Young releases catchy tune ‘Reverie’.

If you listen to only one new single today it should be ‘Reverie’ by Becoming Young. This folk pop/ electro pop, singer songwriter has a unique sound that I adore! ‘Reverie’ is a gem of a song that is the first chapter of a story that will “span a “Is this love? This is love. Oh sh*t, it’s love!” type narrative” according to his press release. It is clear that singer-songwriter, Brandon Calano, who is Becoming Young has experienced this journey of falling in love. ‘Reverie’ is about the falling in love part of a relationship. The fun and exciting feeling tinted with fear meaning is evident in ‘Reverie’. It is not just the meaning that I love, it is the sound and delivery of the song. Brandon’s vocals are incredible and I love the catchy guitar hooks. When I listen to the radio ‘Reverie’ is the type of song that I would like to hear. Becoming Young has already amassed over 2 million streams on Spotify and played out to sold out shows. I feel like I am gushing about how much I love this song, but hey when I am reviewing a song like ‘Reverie’ it is difficult not to! Take a listen to ‘Reverie’ here.

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