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GROUNDSTROEM drops new single ‘Boy On The Moon’.

Swedish artist GROUNDSTROEM has already released music of high quality. Just now he has released a single called ‘Boy On The Moon’. This single is from his debut EP of the same name. ‘Boy On The Moon’ is catchy and a real showcase for Groundstroem’s vocal talent. Meaning wise it is about how in certain times in our life we don’t fit in especially when you are young. There is a certain struggle that we feel to find out what we want to do with our lives and who you want to live your life with. A very relatable song for many going through this right now but also for me looking back on my life, thinking about the time that I was a girl on the moon. A well written song, both musically and lyrically and is throughly enjoyable to listen to. You can do that here.

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