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Canadian prog rock band SAGA have released “Wind Him Up,” the second single from their upcoming album Symmetry, out on March 12 via earMUSIC and distributed by BFD/The Orchard.
First released in 1981 on their album Worlds Apart, “Wind Him Up” quickly became one of the most successful Sagasongs of all time and is considered a fan favorite among their worldwide audience.
With Symmetry, Saga are on a completely new path and present this track in a way never before heard. While preserving the heart of the song, the acoustic reinvention of “Wind Him Up” is a thrilling new take on a classic.

Watch the lyric video, which is an homage to the original video from 1982, here.

Saga previously released the lyric video for “Tired World.” The song made its first appearance on the band’s debut album as one of two pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that is The Chapters, a continuous narrative revolving around a central theme and character (Albert Einstein), and spread out over several albums throughout much of Saga’s extensive body of work.
After a Spring 2020 tour, Saga retreated to their home studios. The result: An album full of acoustic originals.

Symmetry offers a unique listening experience by bundling complex and delicate arrangements with familiar melodies and sounds. It gives the listener the possibility to explore and discover Saga essentials once more — and in a completely new way. 

SAGAhave managed to create more than just new versions of their songs — they created a sonic world full of little details that invites the listeners to dive deeper into the complex musical phenomenon that isthe band.
Images provided by Atom Splitter PR

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