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Melpo Mene drops single ‘All Of This Is True’.

Melpo Mene is no newcomer to the music industry. He has written songs that have been used in both adverts and the theme song for Hulu’s Shut Eye (Season 2). Melpo has co written Matt Simon’s ‘Catch and Release’ and played live with Bon Iver, José González and Loney Dear. Now Melpo Mene has released a single called ‘All Of This Is True’ with Russian Red on vocals.

All Of This Is True’ has the elements that I love about my listening experience with a song. Great music, meaningful lyrics and beautiful vocals. The start has beautiful guitar music that certainly piqued my interest. Once I heard the vocals from Russian Red I knew I had to review and share. I adore the dreamy like soundscape that fits in with the meaning. ‘All Of This Is True’ explores how we all consider the question “Am I different from everyone else?” This is a lifelong question but more so in our youth. The gentle vocals add to this experience as they set the scene for introspection.

Melpo Mene says this about ‘All Of This Is True’ – “All of our feelings have been felt countless times by the people before us. While we take ourselves quite seriously, ‘… should I give my rose to Bob or Billy?’ ‘am I different from my friends?’ ‘why am I so scattered?’ you can find comfort in the fact that you are dead center exactly what everyone before you was, and everything is under control, maybe even too much so.”

I do think that listeners can feel the sense of hope that this song can bring. Take a listen to ‘All Of This Is True’ here.

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