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ANDRoGYNY releases new single called ‘Candy’.

Emo alternative rock band from Chicago don’t just release music, but have released a concept record complete with a video series, live performances and a Graphic Novel. There is also a clothing line ‘Androgynous Attire’. If you have the talent for all these things in your band, why not put them to good use? The concept album is called ‘LoVE iS FREEDoM’ and the first of 12 singles is called ‘Candy’.

‘Candy’ is not what I expected when I saw the title. I thought it might be a sweet type of love song. Instead it is a song that tells a story of a child experiencing a divorce and the long term effects. The lyrics are quite sad, the emotion of feeling unwanted very well portrayed by composer Dylan Melody (composer for Green Day’s “Heart Like A Hand Grenade”). I mean no wonder ‘Candy’ has lyrics that are meaningful and pull at the heart strings especially if this is the story of your childhood. I also love how the vocals are full of emotion and how they have an unique sound.

I invite you to listen to Candy here. It is well worth it!

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