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‘Waves and Walls’ is Huxley Sun latest release.

When I first hear ‘Waves and Walls” is fell in love with it’s soft vocals, gentle guitar and the way it relaxed me. Huxley Sun is the project of Argentinian multi-instrumentalist Federico Carpi so he is responsible for providing me a new song to relax to. I love the change in pace, music around the 2.30 mark. It adds depth the song and will keep the listener engaged. ‘Waves and Walls’ is Huxley Sun’ single single, his first being ‘Always come to me’ released in October last year. The press release said this song was a great one to relax to so I immediately took a listen and agreed. You can listen to this song at the bottom of the article. Huxley Sun now has a new fan, so take a listen and see how you feel as well. If you like what you hear, follow the social media links below.

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