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Cody Jasper and Mitch Micoley Give Metallicougar – Moon Fever

Cody Jasper and Mitch Micoley sat down to discuss new music, sweet tea, upcoming tours and even a little butt shaking.

Even though the Hops and Hogs Festival ended early, due to some unexpected high winds, one of the best bands played early. Moon Fever has been working hard during the lockdown and it showed. The set, despite some onstage technical difficulties, went seamlessly.

“It was lit.” was how Mitch described their set. “It was Hops and HOT.” Cody added, referring to the Florida heat and humidity which is common for the state about 9 months out of the year. The six song EP is due out April 30th. The real story is how much fun they make the whole gig seem.

Me: “Mitch, you shake your butt a lot.” He replied, “Yeah, I do shake my butt a lot though. I just can’t stop shaking it. It wants to get out there.” Cody added “He’s feelin’ it.” His slight southern accent was a dead giveaway Cody is definitely from the South.

Cody spent most of his years growing up in Amarillo, Texas. ” It’s a very small desert place. Lots of character.” as a kid” growing up is was nice because it was small, but my redneck tendencies from where I grew up tend to come out. I mean, I own where I’m from. I’ll take it. I was born in Jacksonville (Florida) and raised in Amarillo, a whole bucket of redneck. ” *laughs*. I replied “I saw how quickly you jumped on that sweet tea and knew you weren’t from LA.” Cody definitively answered “There is no other tea”. Mitch countered “I drink unsweet tea. That’s how you know I’m not from the South. I grew up in a small town near Green Bay (Wisconsin). I left for LA when I was 17 and went to an arts school for a while. I decided after a year and a half that it wasn’t for me”.

The opened their set that afternoon with “Cocaine” so I asked if there was a backstory. Calmly sipping his tea, Cody stated what should have been obvious ” there’s always a back story when it comes to cocaine”. Fair point. “We shot the video in a bunch of strip clubs in Amarillo” Mitch pointed out.

They have some pretty big tour plans. In May they hit the road with Adelitas Way. If the rock gods are kind, they have even bigger things on tap as well. “We’ve got some ‘maybe” ones. Some ‘fingers crossed’ ones. Though Cody wouldn’t give me any more information. The really seemed excited though. Mitch had to take the mystery even further “We’ve got one real finger crosser for sure. That’s all we’re saying. We would be great with that band. That’s all I’m saying.” Clearly it’s going to be fantastic. Cody added that “It’s a bucket list for sure”. I’m intrigued.

These guys are going places. They are real professionals. It wasn’t evident, but there were a couple of small issues they had to overcome during the set. Cody was wearing new in ear monitors. “I couldn’t hear anything but the ear monitors.” He couldn’t even hear the crowd. “After the first song, I was like, did no one clap? I pulled one out because I didn’t want to look at anybody.” Obviously they were cheering. “Spoiler alert, his (Mitch) monitor wasn’t working and I had no idea because every time I looked over at him, he looked like he was having a great time.” Mitch added some very sage advise: “This is why you run the set every day before you go out on tour. Then you’re like, whatever. I don’t need to hear it anymore.” “Muscle Memory”, Cody elaborated.

It’s fair to say that coming up this summer, most everyone will have an opportunity to get to know this band. Keep an eye and ear out for what’s coming next.

Moon Fever (Direct support

for AdelitasWay)

Friday, May 7 – The ‘O’riginal Bar – Minot, ND

Saturday, May 8 – Barnato – Omaha, NB

Tuesday, May 11 – Lefty’s – Des Moines, IA

Wednesday, May 12 – Wildwood – Iowa City, IA 

Thursday, May 13 – The Apollo Theater – Belvidere, IL

Friday, May 14 – Emerson Theatre – Indianapolis, IN

Saturday, May 15 – Brauer House – Lombard, IL

Sunday, May 16 – The Blue Note – Harrison, OH

Tuesday, May 18 – Crafthouse – Pittsburgh, PA

Friday, May 21 – Geraldine’s – Chicopee, MA

Saturday, May 22 – Arties Bar and Grill – Frenchtown, NJ

Tuesday, May 25 – Scandals Live! – Virginia Beach, VA

Wednesday, May 26 – Hooligans Music Hall – Jacksonville, NC

Friday, August 20 – The Northwoods Rock Rally – Glen Flora,WI

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